italy piemonte colle de maddalena with mountains


Time to reflect on Italy Piemonte

Italy Piemonte has many beautiful spots one can visit.


Freud, Goethe and Schiller


What is more tasking than to trace the steps of great people like Freud, or Goethe, or Schiller, to give a few of those who fell in love with Italy.


Barolo red wine perhaps


Naming the regions visited represents a task worthy of a glass of good Barolo red.

Some regions are superior to others, perhaps because they are more publicly known to millions around the world.


Venice of course


One of this is Venice. Venice has been on almost every overseas visitor’s original list, and with good reason.

No, this time I won’t focus on Venice, we have done so in the past and will do so again in the future. Venice is eternal, and our love for the city is profound.


Italy Piemonte focus


What we want to bring to your attention today is another part of Italy: Piemonte.

Piemonte lies in the most Western part of Italy; it borders to France in the south, and Switzerland to the north.


italy piemonte colle di maddalena mountains
italy piemonte colle di maddalena mountains



Whichever part you prefer, all are fascinating. There are several cities worth mentioning: Torino ( Turin ), Biella, Cuneo, Asta, Alba, Alessandra as well as others ( don’t be offended if I forgot to mention all ).


italy piemonte colle di maddalena
italy piemonte colle di maddalena


What I want to focus on today is the beauty of the alpine world in Piemonte.

It is this that draws me here more than anything. Piemonte has a range of alpine areas worth your time and drive.

Last week I trecked on Colle di Maddalena, the border area between France and Italy.


italy piemonte colle di maddalena rest stop 1
italy piemonte colle di maddalena rest stop 1


Italy Piemonte scenery


Today I show you some of the incredible scenery I encountered.

We grew up with the mountains and learned to appreciate their beauty ( For the same reason I like Colorado, and it’s Rocky mountains ).


italy piemonte colle di maddalena flowers
italy piemonte colle di maddalena flowers

Colle di Maddalena befits this description. Here in 2000 m altitude and more one can still feel nature at it’s best, with clean water springs, and pure fresh air.

If you are a friend of flowers, this alpine region is home to thousands of species which are all protected in this sanctuary stretching up from Argentina to the French part called Parc Mercantour.



Here are some pictures for your reference.

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